Jacksonville Business Phone Systems

If you own a company, no matter the size, you’d most likely agree that good communication makes good business. That’s why we invest in business phone systems that we think would benefit our work the most.

Many businesses started with either the centralized network of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system or the traditional Multi-line system. However, there’s a third option, which many may consider being a major leap. This is the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system.

But is starting with VoIP or switching to it really a risk? If it is, is it worth it? The quick answer is YES! Here’s why.

Business Phone Systems

If you own a company situated in Jacksonville, Florida, and planning to take your business to the next level, consider investing in VoIP phone systems. When you make up your mind about it, give us a call.

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Cost Efficiency

Because VoIP makes use of Internet Protocol (IP) instead of telephone lines, the cost-per-call is reduced to a considerable amount. Landline calls, especially long-distance calls, are expensive since there are only so many lines that can be connected.

But with the internet turning all communication data into packets sent over the IP network, every call, regardless of the distance, will be cheaper. Additionally, an IP connection guarantees the quality of service from the network of your telephone service provider.

Complete Mobility

This is perhaps the handiest feature of VoIP phone systems, especially for those who own businesses that are on-the-go. That’s because, with VoIP, you will be given a virtual number that you can carry anywhere you go.

Conventional phone systems have lines that run only to homes and offices. And it can also be a hassle finding or remembering the right codes to dial. But with VoIP, those problems are eliminated.

Remote Accessibility

VoIP is cloud-based, meaning you make calls anywhere as long as there is a decent data connection. It also gives you the ability to designate where your calls ring. They don’t always have to be directed to you. You can choose to put the first few rings of a call to your office.

Even if you can’t answer the phone, you can transfer calls to someone else or have voicemails emailed to you. This is a great way to promote efficient client interaction. It gives you no reason to miss important calls or fail to transmit important files for your business.